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Q: I am having difficulty seeing through my scope, all images seem blurry. How can I properly focus my scope?

A: Your riflescope needs to be focused only once-for YOUR eyes. If another shooter uses your scope, it must be refocused for their eyes. The following steps will assist in proper focusing of your riflescope with a traditional style focus ring. If you have a scope with a fast focus eyepiece, skip steps 1, 2 and 9.

1. Grasp the knurled eyepiece lock ring and loosen by turning the eyepiece counter clockwise.

2. Turn the lock ring clockwise about five turns.

3. Look through the scope at a bright background such as the sky or a well lighted wall. (Never look at the sun!) Focusing is easier with the scope mounted on a rifle or some firm object.

4. Turn the eyepiece, counter clockwise, until the reticle appears slightly blurred.

5. Turn the eyepiece, clockwise, until the reticle comes into focus.

6. Look away from the scope for a few seconds. Then look back quickly through the scope. If the reticle appears sharp and clear the instant you place your eye to the scope, the focus has been properly set for your eyes. Try this several times.

7. If the reticle appears fuzzy, or requires a little time to come into sharp focus, further adjustment is needed. Turn the eyepiece clockwise another full turn and repeat STEP 8.

8. Keep doing this until the reticle is sharp the instant you put your eye to the scope.

9. When satisfied with your focus, tighten the lock ring against the eyepiece firmly. 

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